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2007 Honda Accord - is there overdrive?

2007 Honda Accord Used
I’m looking a 2007
The salesman says it’s got overdrive. I find nothing in the ovnersmanual about o/d for the 2007. There’s no control on the dash or a switch on the shifter. What’s up. Does it have overdrive?

You didn’t say whether the car has an automatic or manual BUT I will assume automatic.

The car has a 5 speed automatic transmission with 4th and 5th gears as overdrives. The “automatic” part is why there is no overdrive button. You shift it to drive and allownit to automatically decide what gear to be in.

Likewise the last manual transmission I had was not labeled OD, just the top gear number.
Many vehicles have an (unlabeled) OD off button but Honda may not have provided that feature.