2007 GMC Envoy - engine light comes on when fuel is low

I have GMC Envoy 2007 Model when fuel in the tank remaining like last quarter, Engine Light came on in the Dash board and remains open till Fuel Tank full gain

Are you sure it’s the check engine light and not the low fuel light?


Yes I have checked its the Engine Light the comes on and remain on, not flashing but turn off once the tank is full


Only Engine Light as above in Yellow

When it appears, stop by the local auto parts store and have them read the stored error codes. Post them back here in the form P1234. Please! We will try and help if you post the codes.

It is a really interesting problem I have not seen before and I am curious!

I hope you don’t have the battery and oil lights on except when starting the car. I assum that is when you took this picture.

Get a code step 1 when check engine light is on.

… and I would be willing to bet a cup of coffee that the resulting code will have something to do with the evaporative emissions system. But, let’s see what the OP reports after having the codes read.