2006 GMC Envoy - check engine light for clutch heater

Two weeks ago A/C was slow to cool down on and blowing warm air for several minutes; works fine since then. One week ago, check engine light came on. At the dealership now, they say it the check engine light is for the clutch heater and this would also relate to problem with a/c not cooling properly. Waiting to hear what repairs will cost. Is this OK to continue driving? What exactly is going on? Does this part need to be replaced? Should we just tape over the icon on the instrument panel to avoid looking at the pesky light? Appreciate any and all comments.

Take it to a local auto parts chain store and have the code read for free. Write down the exact “PXXXX” letter/digit format and post it here so we can see what exactly is going on.

Probably OK to drive as long as the check engine light is steady and not flashing.