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2007 Ford Taurus - Won't start

I have an 07 Taurus with 190k that will not start. About a week ago it started cranking slow, as if it had a bad battery. Then it progressively got worse. I replaced the battery, but the problem is the same. The first time you try to start it it will crank but not turn over, the second time you try to start it it barely cranks, the third it will just click. If you wait 2 minutes it will try to crank again, then do the same as previously described. I got it to turn over and drove it to the dealership on its last ride. Now its stuck at the dealership, but I wanna get it home to put it in a demo derby.

If you want some general info on why a car with a good battery won’t start, this is a good primer. My gut tells me your problem is alternator-related.

The first step would be to remove the battery cables and clean the battery posts and the cable terminals with the proper tool.


you replaced the battery. the terminals were disconnected. they are top post. pretty easy to see if corrosion is present. you have a new battery? vs a used one?

It sounds like it needs to have the charging system checked.
But to use a dealer to perform diagnosis and repair for a car that is destined for a demo derby?
Just charge the battery by external means each time you need to drive it somewhere- hopefully not at night for long distances. Car’s in demo derbies are usually a one time event…

I saw that and thought the same thing . Why bother , just use a battery pack to start it.

This plug- in tool will tell you in seconds what is wrong with your entire charging system.You can buy it at Walmart or online.

That tool can tell you if the problem is in the alternator, voltage regulator, PCM, cables or wiring? How can it tell what is wrong with the charging system?