2007 Ford Taurus egnition problem

Ive only had the car for 2 months, and it has 21,500 miles on it. Ive noticed that its been taking longer to start. itll crank, for up to 3 seconds, then start. I was told be a mechanic, it could be lose of gas pressure from sitting for more then 6 hours. since it only does it when cold. he told me to give it just a little gas as I turn the egnition key. But to no avail. could it possibly need a new starter, or alternater allready? Also, Does anyone know if there is a sensor in the gas cap? I recenlt baught a locking one from Walmart, but as I was driving this morning, the “check gas cap” light came on. I checked the cap, and it was tight, then I put back on the original, and in about 5 minutes, the light turned back off. Do I need it installed by a mechanic? Or do I need a special one? The package said all makes and models!

You probably need to put the original cap back on; the universal one will not get it.

The delay in starting could very well be a loss of fuel pressure and this could be caused by a defective fuel pump check valve, leaking fuel pressure regulator, or leaking injectors. It’s usually the first one on the list. The mileage is a bit low for a defective valve, but even a tiny bit of dirt wedged in there could cause the ball not to seat properly.

It’s also possible that the pump is not being primed when you first turn the key on. Turn the key on momentarily without cranking the engine; you should hear the pump for a second or two, faint though it may be. Remove the gas cap and have someone listen if necessary while you turn the key on.

If the pump primes, then turn the key on and off a few times. Try starting it then. If it starts right up then pressure loss is what is causing the delay in starting.

Use your original cap or get a new original. I would not trust a third party cap. With current technology even gas caps are becoming high tech.

As was said, you should not trust that the Wal-Mart “universal gas cap” is really universal. Use only a gas cap from the Ford parts department or from a reliable supplier such as NAPA.

However, just as important is for you to throw your starting problem in the lap of the service department at the Ford dealership. A 2007 vehicle with 21,500 miles is fully warranteed and unless the vehicle suffered collision damage, any repairs to your engine and transmission and many other systems are covered in full. In case you are not aware of the terms of your warranty, this might be a good time to open the glove compartment and read about all of your warranties.
You have:
*A bumper-to-bumper warranty covering every component in the car for X number of miles.
*A powertrain warranty covering the engine and transmission for XX miles.
*An emissions warranty covering many components for XXX miles.
*A rust-through warranty covering body panels for XX miles.
*A seat belt warranty covering those components for XX miles.

Unless you familiarize yourself now with the various warranties, and with the schedule for required maintenance, you will inevitably spend money needlessly and also shorten the life of the vehicle.

Oh, and by the way, on modern fuel-injected vehicles, the gas pedal should not be touched during starting unless the engine is somehow flooded with gasoline, and your problem sounds more like fuel starvation than flooding. However, there are many other possible causes of the problem (including IGNITION problems) and it is the responsibility of the dealership to locate the problem and to fix it without any cost to you.

I had a similar problem on a new 2007 Ford Ranger. The problem was diagnosed as a defective check valve on the fuel pump. The dealer replaced the pump and so far the problem has not reoccured.

Amen… well said!

Thanks! I did put back on the original gas cap! Turns out, Ford doesnt make locking caps for my car. Ill have to check into getting a locking door ( or what ever you call it. If they make such a thing.