2007 Ford Focus - Transmission issues

I’m having issues with my 2007 Ford Focus SES it has 154K miles and standard transmission. It’s hard to shift into 1st and Reserve. I’ve been shutting the car off to put into either of those gears. Most times, going forward I just start in 2nd. Next my car moves when I start it, usually I have the brake on, but shouldn’t it stay still, if I just have the clutch in? Thoughts on the fix for both and estimated cost.

Why Is Shifting Into First Gear and Reverse Difficult?

It can be difficult to shift into first or reverse for several reasons. One common cause is a worn-out synchronizer ring which helps to synchronize gear speeds when shifting. Another reason could be a damaged hub sleeve or issues with the clutch system, such as a malfunctioning hydraulic system or low clutch fluid.


Sounds like the clutch master cylinder and or slave cylinder are no longer able to disengage the clutch pressure plate fully… I am pretty sure the clutch master reservoir is the brake master so easy to check… If you find it is a bad slave cylinder, then replace the clutch assembly…


My guess, some sort of problem with the clutch hydraulics. If pumping on the clutch pedal a few times before shifting helps, pretty good chance it is the clutch master cylinder is needing replacing.

If that doesn’t help, my next guess is the transmission input shaft is sticking in the flywheel pilot bearing. Cross your fingers that’s not the problem b/c transmission probably has to be removed for that fix. I’ve had to replace my Corolla’s clutch master cylinder 2 or 3 times over the years for the same symptom.