2007 Ford Focus - back tires toed in

I just put new tires and alignment done however the back tires are toed in at top of tires is this normal or was it done wrong need to no asap thanks

Well, did you have a 4 wheel alignment perfomed?

Because if you only had a 2 wheel alignment performed . . . the shop didn’t check and adjust anything on the rear axle

Your invoice should say exactly which procedures were performed

If there’s any doubt, just call the shop and have your invoice # handy, so they can look it up and tell you over the phone what they did

tires aren’t “toed in” at the top . . . they might be “toed” at the front, though

Or are you suggesting the tires seem to be tilting inwards at the top, towards the car? If that is the case, there might be a camber issue, perhaps due to worn out components

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