Tires misaligned - can I fix?

1999 Ford Taurus 180k miles. Both front tires lean in at the top. That is to say, wear pattern is on the inside shoulder of each tire. What can I do or check to bring the bottoms back in, or push the tops back out? Anything I can do at home, or should I take it in?



This is a job for an alignment shop, easy for them, not for you unless you get the right tools and know what you’re doing. After they align it, you may want to rotate the rear tire to the front, if they’re worn more evenly.

Absolutely just take it to an alignment shop. Its not very expensive to have this done and the bonus is that you whole front end gets checked out. It may be that you have some problem with front end components, and fixing those could make things more expensive. But sometimes the alternative to spending the money on the front end is death.

I fully agree that bringing it in for an alignment is the only way to go.

If both tires are wearing on the inside shoulder, it can be either camber or excessive toe-out. So “pushing the tops back out” may be the wrong corrective step.

Having said the above, I have seen a couple of people over the years do an alignment in their yard with measuring tape, string, and levels. Their results were close enough to satisfy them.

Make mine another vote for an alignnment shop. When you try to adjust one parameter, such as camber, other parameters, toe-in and caster, also need to be checked and adjusted. Everything is interconnected. You’re unlikely to get a satisfactory result at home.