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2007 Ford Five Hundred battery draw

Battery dead after sits for 3 days. Every thing works perfectly with no problems. I have a considerable draw on the battery wit every thing off. Pulled all the fuses and lt still has a draw.

How much of a draw . . . ?!

Trunk lid and glove box lid close correctly?

Aftermarket components, such as radio, alarm, etc.?

Thanks for the reply . No aftermarket … all original. I am a retired Ford Tech… But way before this car came along. I have hooked up my test light to see the draw, but cannot seem to locate it. If it sits 3 days ,the battery is dead. Fairly new battery and it checks good.

Check if the dome light is shutting off after you close the doors.Check this when its dark out.

Yes it is… I have even pulled all the fuses and the draw continues. I have run across an alternator diode shorting out at one time in the past,but really hard to get to as to unplug.

Lots and lots of problem with alternators going out on this model if you do a simple google search. If alternator is not charging, everything will be powered by what little charge is left in the battery.There is a portable device you can plug in your cigarette lighter.It monitors the charging system in real time.

So far the alternator is charging good. Haven’t tested the output yet. It can blow/short one diode and still charge . It has a 200 amp alternator , So one wont make that much difference, but if it shorts i might cause a draw. It will check the output later today. I don’t drive this every I just disconnect the battery right now !

It has a 150,000 miles on it and I have never had a min. trouble till now… it has been a great car.

Are there 2 fuseboxes? one under the hood and one in the dash?

I’m thinking there might be. I will get out the manual to check. Too hot here in south Ga. at the moment.

If you removed the fuses in the panel under the dash then you need to check the panel under the hood. That is where the current draw source is most likely at since most of those fuses are hot at all times. You very well may find that the alternator is causing the trouble. Disconnect the main output lead to it and see if the current draw goes away. You most likely already know that lead is HOT and what will happen if that touches ground so keep it isolated from things when you remove it. If that doesn’t help then remove the MAIN fuse in the panel and see if that kills the draw.

did you resolve the issue? Im having the samew problem with a 2005 500. pulled all of the fuses in the 2 fuse boxes and still have a draw in excess of 250 ma.

Being careful not to let the lead touch anything, try removing the main alternator lead and see if the current flow drops down then. That lead is always HOT to the battery.