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2007 Ford Explorer Misfiring

2007 Explorer Sport Trac was misfiring when first started and then would settle down. Now it is misfirng and when I try to drive it, it does quit a bit of sputtering and has no power. Took it to mechanic he said it would be hard to tell if it was fuel injectiors or what. I need to get this fiixed. Would like to know if anyone can give ideas on potential problem or good mechanic in Houston Texas. Help

I d try new spark plugs , wires and and some throttle cleaner first.

at least check that stuff. check for codes

Got codes at auto zone. They are PO300, 302,303, 304. ???

Google “ford p0300” and the other codes. Lots of info. Which engine do you have and how many miles are on the vehicle?

Could be a lot of things like a bad coil(s), bad spark plugs, bad gas. Needs to be gone through and diagnosed by a mechanic if youre not mechanically inclined.

Check the “Mechanics Files” section of this site for a recommended mechanic near you.

Meanwhile, with multiple cylinders misfiring I would first check out the fuel system for clogged filter, bad gas, bad fuel pump, etc. But a recommended mechanic will know what to look for.