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04 ford Explorer engine misfire

Changed the spark plugs now I have misfire in cylinders 3 and 6. Do I change the spark plug wires or the coil pack?

Try the wires first, than the coil pack.


if you have a second car with similar plug wires, pull one of the wires off and temporarily replace each plug wire, one at a time, and if lucky you find a bad plug wire. If no difference I would bet on a bad coil. Again, just buy one new coil and replace one coil at a time until you find the one that is bad. No need to buy a complete pack.

hmmm…do you have a twin on that just posted a similar problem with the same model/year car?

This person also has a similar thread called ( Skipping, shaking engine after changing plugs 04 Explorer V6 ). It has the most response’s so maybe that should be the primary thread.

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I actually didn’t know which one had posted when I first was doing it because my phone Internet was going haywire. BUT if both are up that’s more people to answer

Yeah my Internet was going crazy so I didn’t know which version actually posted . And my second car is a Ford taurus