2007 Ford Escape Hybrid - Sat, won't start now

Lap of running, motor freezes up, won’t start. pushing hybrid button doesn’t start car. Due to virus, it hasn’t been run. need to know how to unlock system, after i’m out of quarantine. Thank U

Recharge the 12 volt battery.

Hi! This had happened before. Had a road-side service check battery, it was full charged, Towed to Ford, they did a car service, but no comment how they got the car started??? Now they don’t answer the phone due to virus. Thanks, I will check to see if it is a 12 volt, If not will replace. I only have 17,000 miles (YES, really)

Don’t replace it. It isn’t a flashlight battery. Recharge it. It likely went dead because you haven’t driven the car enough.

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Thank you for your response. It appears that the message failed to stat that the Ford is a HYBRID, WHICH HAS THE HUGE BATTERY PACK . HE BATTERY (UNDER THE HOOD) HAD A FULL CHARGE. I wonder if I purchased a stronger battery if it would be strong enough to charge the hybrid batteries? I had thought about removing the battery and placing it on a sloe charge, but wondered if the removal would affect the hibrid batteries. Thank you again Naomi Wagner

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No it won’t.

How do you know it still does have a full charge?

Will check again to determine if it has a full charge. The reason I assumed it wouldn’t start, as it wouldn’t start with a full charge the last time I had a service check it. The whole car was frozen up. Couldn’t get the shift out of Park. Car had to be dragged outof the parking space.

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Sounds like your problem is more than a battery.

That’s the reason that I have hopes that someone else has suffered the same Ford Hybrid, and might offer their solution. Can’t seem to get any answers from FORD MOTOR CO. THANK YOU AGAIN.

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Sounds like the 12 volt battery was dead, how did you verify that the battery was fully charged? When a battery is weak on a hybrid vehicle you may see instrument cluster lights on but there may not be enough power to bring the computers online.

Do they really have your vehicle? It seems unlikely that they would dispatch a flied technician to inspect such an old vehicle.