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Im having issues with a 20 amp fuse

I have a 2000 subaru outback. The stop fuse blows out after almost every other use. Why? And can it be fixed without going to the repair shop? I can’t keep replacing the fuse at every other stop.

A fuse blows due to beyond protected draw, a short. You need to find the source of the problem, maybe others are familiar with common failure points for your car. If I were to try and repair it without going to the shop, I would pull all 3 brake bulbs, and see if there is still a 0 ohms resistance when the brake pedal is pushed.

Is one of the brake lights mounted in the rear hatch? If it is, then I’d look where the wiring goes alongside a hinge, because it flexes every time you open the hatch, and it could easily be broken and shorting out.

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