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2007 Dodge Ram 1500

I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, I’ve had a few issues over the years with the truck not coming out of park. I’ve replaced the brake switch several times, this usually solved the problem. But now that doesn’t do it. I can twist the switch out of the holder and truck releases and goes into drive. I’ve noticed if I move the selector up an down this sometimes fixes the problem. I’ve bought replacement switches for supply houses and Chrysler, there doesn’t seem to be a better or worse? I’ve looked at column and brake pedal, I see no adjustment for switch. I’ve thought about try to bend for a little more clearance but don’t think this is the answer. Anything??

Are the brake lights coming on ok?

@cdaquila Hey Carolyn , do you want to edit this persons original post ? Have no idea why the body repair thing is there.

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Not sure, I’m having alot of difficulty navigating your site??

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Yes, when I unplug the switch the brake lights stay on until I snap switch back into place. I find it hard to believe that these switches fail this often?

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In your post you will see what looks like a pencil , click on that and you can erase that stuff that has nothing to do with your question.

But do the brake lights come on when you step on the brake pedal? That’s what I was trying to ask above. The circuit which unlocks the transmission selector usually uses the same wire that powers the brake light wire to control it. If the brake light wire isn’t being powered up, it won’t unlock the gear shift lever. The way to tell is to step on the brake pedal and confirm all of the brake lights are coming on nice and bright like they should.