2007 Dodge Ram 1500 - No Lights, Cluster Lights, Chimes, etc

We have a 2007 dodge ram 1500 4.7l in our shop that was wrecked. We are trying to fix it up for a service truck. Before replacing the battery we had to jump start it. Now since we put a new battery in it we have no power and I mean no lights, door chimes, cluster lights just flat out nothing. Any ideas what it could be? Have replace battery terminals and wires to starter and ground wires are new

Well, you had power and ground to the starter when you jumped it. You say you put on new battery terminals so there must have been some corrosion. Bend the battery cables and see if you can feel wires breaking inside that would indicate they are green and corroded. Or teat their resistance.

Where was it wrecked?

Have you tried jump starting it with the new battery in there, just for fun? If it were to start with a jump, might provide some clues or rule out some things.

You haven’t heard of a Chrysler TIPM?


I believe in 07 they where still Daimler Chrysler.