2007 Dodge Charger - Time for a water pump

I need the water pump changed and the timing chain or belt will need replaced

Is that a question or statement???

It would help to know what engine you are talking about as the V6(s) or the V8???

Both, yes 2 different V6’s, are DOHC (double overhead cams) and the chain drives the water pump for both, so for a little more money I would recommend replacing the chain as well, they make a water pump timing chain kit that comes with most everything the mechanic needs for the job…

The V8 (Hemi) is a OHV (overhead valve) engine and the cam is in the center of the block and the timing chain does not run the water pump, soo No for the Hemi,

But it would defiantly be a good time to replace the serp belt and possible tensioner depending how it “feels”, sometimes on an older automatic belt tensioner disturbing it for belt removal it will not tighten back up to proper spec and then you get the chirping noise… The serp belt has to be removed for both 6 & 8 cylinder engines so good to replace either way…

Correction… The 2.7 V6 is a DOHC, the 3.5 V6 is a SOHC…

2.7 is timing chain driving and the 3.5 is timing belt driving…

Labor times:

All V6,3.5L Eng

Includes: R&I Timing Belt. pays 4.9 hours

All V6,2.7L Eng

Includes: Remove Timing Chain Tensioner Guide. pays 5.0

Both are considered Shill level B

V8 only pays 1.6 hours as a reference…

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