2008 dodge caliber

Ok I got a 2008 dodge caliber manual not sure if that matters but never know. I’ve replaced battery, alternator, starter, and battery cable ends. My car starts drives 10 miles airbag light comes on then electrical issue light comes on then starts acting like its going to die, sometimes it does sometimes it dont, after I shut it off car won’t start Battery is died and have to jump it but it takes a long time to jump it. Please help need to get it working my wife needs it for work.

Wow! This is an amazing story! If you lived nearby I would be be tempted to come have a look. hmm… Let’s bump you up and see if any of the resident experts have a clue. What do you think, tester?

Come on, people! This guy’s wife has to get to work.

Sounds like a bad alternator. Yes, you said you replaced it, bad rebuilds happen.

You need a voltmeter to chase this. If you don’t have one, buy one. You need to check voltage when the car is running and when any dash light goes on. It should be 13.5 volts to about 14.5 v. I syspect the alternator is not chaeging the battery and you are rynning it down as you drive yntil it will no longer power the fuel injection system.

When the car dies, you need to check the battery voltage. It should be 12.5 or so.

In addition to not being able to properly recharge the battery, it is very possible that voltage “ripples” from a bad alternator are causing the phantom air bag light problems.

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Alright ill check and let yo all know

The Powertrain Control Module regulates the voltage from the alternator.