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2007 Dodge Caliber - Coolant mystery

Anti freeze is needing to be refilled every week, but no leaks are visible. Can smell it in engine compartment after running, but doesn’t seem to be burning it. Don’t see it in the oil either.

If you can smell it there is a leak or it is overheating and coolant is being forced out the overflow.

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Check the weep hole in the bottom of the water pump. If the inside of that hole is coolant colored, that is where it is going.


Turns out the thermostat housing was failing and it finally started to drip enough fluid to see where it was coming from. Took it about six months to develop a big enough leak to find it.

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Turns out it is the thermostat housing. Took it six months to go from a steam leak to a fluid leak. Started leaking fluid and I could finally locate where it was coming from.

Happy you located it and had it repaired.

Well get on that repair… a leak like that can fool you into thinking engine temps are fine…when they are not.

If you loose enough coolant the temp sensor is measuring air…which is does not do well at all. The sensor will report a far lower temp than what the actual engine block is experiencing…and then we walk into the wonderful world of warped heads and head gaskets.

But hopefully you were on top of it the entire time.