03 neon engine coolant

My car seems to use alot of coolant. I have to check it atleast every 2-3 weeks and refill it. There isn’t any leaks under the car where i park, but I do smell antifreeze after I have been driving it. What could be going on?

There is a leak, but the question is where. It could be at the heater core. Do you smell it when you turn on the heater?

Someone has to find the leak to fix it. It would be easier for a mechanic to find it than you are he or she will have a better idea where to look and most important they can put it on a lift to see it from the bottom. They can also pressure test it. It is difficult to tell from here.

However don’t give up hope as someone might know of a common weak spot with NNeon for example.

BTW congratulations on checking your coolant on a regular basis.

Head gaskets used to be a weak component in these vehicles.

That’s not to say that is the problem here though.

Like JEM suggested, there may be a leak at the heater core. Is the passenger side floor carpet wet or does the inside of the windshield tend to fog up and smell ‘sweet’ when you turn on the defroster?

If you find you are filling the coolant reservoir every 2-3 weeks, you aren’t checking it often enough.
OR, do you check it more often, but only fill it back up as you say?
It may be dry after a couple of days.

Is the engine over-heating? If not, the leak may be slow and dissipates before it reaches the ground.

Non visible coolant leaks usually/may result in engine damage due to internal leaks, commonly from breached gaskets.

Have you noticed white smoke coming from the tailpipe? I mean white SMOKE, not first start water vapor.