2007 Crossfire headlights

I have a 2007 Crossfire and recently the driver’s side headlight burned out. I hoped it would be simple, but the dealer told me the entire unit had to be replaced at a cost of $600. It is under warranty, but I could not believe the car was designed this way. On the Internet I see a bunch of sites that seem to indicate that the bulbs can be changed much more cheaply. Other sites offer Crossfire headlight conversion kits (but don’t explain converting from what to what). A second dealer told me the cost was the bults at $300 apiece and they have to be changed in pairs. I have called Chrysler customer service The part is on back order. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.

If the units are factory HIDs, then I can see the price being that high

Quality HID lights are good. However they are also very expensive and complex making them prone to some expensive repair/replaces.

The owners manual says it is H7U bulb about $27 at my local Auto Zone. Judging from the instructions and picture in the manual fairly easy to replace. So unless you have something other than stock, I would keep asking around.