Lumina starts on SECOND try

Immediately (i.e. starting the next morning) after recent repairs at the dealer (I believe to fix a variety of fluid leaks) our 1997 Chevy Lumina no longer starts the first time, but reliably does so on the second turn of the key. The dealer now wants over $800 for a new fuel pump.

What did they probably mess up? I’m extremely skeptical that there’s anything wrong with the fuel pump that they did not cause.

Turn the ignition key on, but don’t turn it to the start position. Listen to see if you can hear the fuel pump. If you hear it running and then stop, try starting the engine. If it fires right up, there may be a problem with the fuel draining back to the tank.

Why are you going to a dealer with a 12 year old car? Find an independent mechanic and start saving money.

NEVER replace a fuel pump without having the fuel pressure tested first. This is the only acceptable test to verify a bad pump. If the car runs well after it starts there is probably nothing wrong with the fuel pump.

Try this; turn the key to “ON” and wait five seconds, then turn the key the rest of the way to “START.” See if that makes a difference.

If the engine starts on the first try using this method, the problem is the fuel pressure is bleeding away while the car sits. There is a stop valve in the fuel line to prevent this, but over time it can weaken and allow fuel pressure to drop.

The five second wait time allows the fuel pump to pressurize the fuel system.

Thanks to both of you. I tried the 5 second test and it started right up. How long do you think we can wait before getting this done?

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