2007 Chrysler 300C - Suspension issue

Sounds like we all have this suspension issue with this front-end design. I fixed it once and now it is back again. This suspension is a bit more complicated than just an upper and lower ball joint system. I suppose that is why this car handles so well. Rattle is very noticeable on gravel where suspension is just controlling more vibrations from the rough surface than actual bumps. My gremlin is the front, lower control arm ball joints. They don’t have to be bad to be noisy. Hitting them with a rubber mallet (while not under tension) is about the only way to tell what it is and that is sketchy. They support no weight as a regular ball joint setup and as such are free to move the little bit needed to make the noise. I keep hoping some aftermarket company will come up with a cure but have seen nothing yet. It is more of a nuisance than a safety issue and is why Chrysler probably hasn’t addressed it.

hmmm … on most front suspension designs the weight of the car’s body pushes down hard enough to prevent the ball joints from rattling, even if there’s a little bit of play. does your car use struts or springs & shocks? I wonder if it would help if the springs weren’t quite as stiff? Not suggesting you do that, could be unsafe, just a thought experiment.