I don't seem to have a low pressure port on my Nissan Altima

I have a Nissan Altima 2005 V6 SE, manufacture date November 2004. I have spent the past month searching for the low-pressure port in my A/C system, and I cannot find it. It isn’t near the high-pressure port, as with every other 2005 V6 Altima I find. I’ve put my eye balls on every centimeter of the low pressure line from the compressor to the firewall. I even removed the plastic debris guard beneath the windshield. I’ve lifted the vehicle and combed the compressor itself. Auto parts stores can’t find it, online forums and YouTube can’t find it, and even my local dealership can’t give me the information I need. Can anyone help?

I should add that I am a mechanic myself and am certified to operate on A/C systems. This one is just throwing me for a loop . Sheesh.

A replacement suction line has a service port, I’m guessing that is on the compressor end of the line.


Yea that’s one of the exact ones I tried a week ago from Rock Auto. It matches the orientation and length of my original, but the metal pipe on that one is slightly larger, and so it won’t connect with the other half of the low pressure line (also, the bolt holes are too small).