2007 Chevrolet Corvette - best tires for high mileage?

What are the best tires for high mileage

High mileage meaning what? Many miles of wear on the tires or miles per gallon fuel economy?

Either way, head over to tirerack.com. They have reviews of most tires they sell and break down ride, wear, noise and more.

High mileage tires for a Corvette ? Seriously, most people who drive Corvettes ( I did ) want handling and traction .

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best way to increase mileage on your Corvette tires (whether you mean fuel mileage or longer life of the tire,) is to tape a raw egg to the bottom of your accelerator foot.

and then don’t make a mess…

Tires that get the most miles on them are hard rsther than soft. If you are always in hot weather, harder tires are OK. But if climate is cold, you loose too much traction. You always compromise between traction and control over long lasting tires. My opinion is to get a reputable tire dealers recommendation, and do the egg thing.

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Another good source of real data on tire performance is Consumer Reports. Every November they publish their test results in their magazine. Also available in some of their other publications and on line - online might be available only to subscribers.

Their ratings criteria include rolling resistance and estimated longevity in miles.

Can it be tightened if it is too loose?
If not, during low temperature conditions, one could lose something vital!