2007 Camry Sedan XLE on Craigslist for $4K

This ad was submitted by a Lt in US Air Force in AK who is scheduled to go to Iraq. 54K miles, 4 cyl, garaged. Would ship by Air Force Cargo plane. Payment to be held in eBay account and not released to him until car was delivered/inspected in 5 days time. I have asked for VIN for Carfax report.

(1) Does this sound legitimate or “curbstoning”. Car is well below suggested resale. (2) Reviews of this model indicated transmission problems, and hesitation during acceleration. Anyone with experience on it?

SCAM alert! This is a common scam, don’t touch it!

If it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

I would suggest that you be very wary.

Here’s a more complete discussion of this scam, and others like it. I bet the Craigslist ad has already been pulled.

Yes…Acquaintance was taken in recently by a near identical ad; using military personnel ID as a front as well because people think it’s a safer transaction. It was $3500 for a used Pilot. Everyone tried to warn him…he’s wiser now.

Also, just to add to the consensus here, eBay doesn’t offer an escrow-ish service like is being described. Definite scam.

[b][i]Wow, These Scams Are Getting Wilder.[/I][/B]

I remember cosmoline embalmed military Jeeps for $100. Anybody ever buy one?

Also, for a buck one could purchase a square inch of the Yukon Territory right off the cereal box offer! You were sent a deed, too (Too bad the deed was never registered).

After reading these posts, I went through the list of cities on Craigslist, and behold, the ad surfaced all over the country. I wrote another posts like this and it was pulled; don’t know why. Wonder how long this one will last! Thanks everyone for your help.

On craigslist ad page there is a place you can click and remove the ads that are spam/fraudulent. Every time I am there I remove a few, but generally there too many to go through.