Accord, Camry question lady has a curve ball for you kind folks

So, there I was, diligently looking for a better value, when up popped a Toyota Camry of the Solara variety, for $3 K, with 95 K miles on it, FSBO. But it’s a weird proposition, and makes me wonder about Nigerian banking deals. The email:

I am the legal owner of this 2000 Toyota Camry Solara.I would like to tell you that the car is in perfect condition, no accidents, never wrecked, non-smoker, great conditions, clear title. I have all the documents and service records.

The engine, drive train, equipment are all in proper working order.The ride is smooth, there are no shakes or pulls in the steering. it has only 95,951 miles and is in excellent running condition.

I am located in Madrid,Spain and I was sent here to improve the military relationships between our country and Spain but I stored the vehicle in to a shipping company warehouse from New York before leaving US.

I posted the car for sale all over the US (nation-wide ad), so you may see it at another location.

I am in possession of this Camry, from my former husband, as he lost it in

our divorce settlement. I do not want to keep it because will be very expensive to ship it from US to Spain and I already made a deposit to buy a convertible here.

I hope the vehicle location has no negative effect on you because shipment is included in the vehicle price ($3,000.00) and will cost you nothing more. Regarding the car transport, will use a reputable shipping company. I’ve shipped several times with them and have established trust - the car is transported inside and therefore completely protected, It is insured in case of damage and it takes 3-5 days to be delivered at your door.

About the payment, because my current situation is pretty special, for your safety I want the deal closed only through eBay Motors Buyer Protection Program.

If we use the eBay BPP services you will have an 7 days inspection period prior buying the car.

In this way you have the chance to inspect the car before pay me, and I will be comfortable when I’ll ship you the car.

Let me know if you want to move forward, in order to open the transaction with eBay

I will need your shipping address in the following format:

Receiver Name-

Street Address-

City, State, Zip Code,

to forward it to the authorized personnel from eBay to start the transaction so you can buy the car from me.