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2007 Cadillac SRX sounds like it has marbles in the engine

My 2007 cadillac srx sounds like it has marbles rolling around in the engine

Check engine light on?
Oil at proper level, changed as instructed in owners manual ?
Miles on odometer?

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I just bought the car about 3 months ago had the oil changed a week later I’ve checked the oil and it’s been fine it’s been running fine I drove it home parked it the next day went to leave and it wouldn’t leave the driveway then we check the oil and there was not a drop of oil in it looked underneath of it there is no oil where it’s been leaking we put 7 quarts of oil in it started to back up and now it sounds like there’s marbles rolling around sounds like a freight train any ideas what it could be

No the engine light was not on & it did not sound like that when I parked it

The description sounds like this is more of a random interval rattle than an RPM dependent clatter like you would have with a rod knock. This car has variable valve timing. A cam timing actuator can sound like a random frequency rattle when it gets destroyed, and running oil starved would definitely destroy it.

yikes. you checked oil level after oil change. thats good.
drove it yesterday and no oil light. thats good.
start it today and no oil light but rattle? check oil level. no oil
you did not drive it while rattling? it has not moved from spot?

Stupid question maybe but does the oil light illuminate when you first turn the key to ON but not START? Maybe it’s not even working or has been disabled…

I don’t think that I am going out on a limb by speculating that a lack of oil led to severe engine damage.
I strongly suggest that you NOT start the engine, and that you have it flat-bedded to a competent mechanic’s shop for evaluation. Please note that “competent” does not include Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, Firestone, AAMCO, or a tire shop.

Please let us know what your mechanic’s diagnosis is.

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What you might be hearing is worn timing chains.


And, related to that possible diagnosis, we need to know how often this vehicle’s oil was changed, in terms of both odometer miles and elapsed time.
Hint: Lubrication problems resulting from oil changes that are not done often enough can lead to timing chain problems.

If you are saying that all the oil leaked out overnight, but no puddle was on the ground.
It had to either be in the engine, or on the ground!!!

I wonder if you add the oil to the transmission filler, instead of into the oil filler on the valve cover.


I just got the car 2 months ago, changed the oil the same week. Only drove maybe 2500 miles since then. I let it sit for a couple days after filling it with oil. Now it spits & sputter & shakes. Doesn’t want to stay running

No there was no oil on the ground & in this car there is no place to add transmission fluid. I asked the mechanic. I added the oil where it said motorcraft 5w30

Did you get hard copies of the vehicle’s maintenance record for the preceding 11 years?
Did you have your mechanic inspect the vehicle prior to purchase?
Did you check the oil during the two months between the oil change and the recent problem?

If not, then you could well have bought a poorly-maintained vehicle with an existing oil consumption problem.
If the oil did not leak-out, how else could you explain the consumption of 7 qts of oil in a span of just 2,500 miles?

Please report back to us with your mechanic’s diagnosis.

Could the oil be drawn into the engine somewhere like the PCV? Or through some other vacuum line?

The oil is already in the engine. If it were drawn into the engine…there would be oil on the dip stick!!!


Drawn into combustion chambers, AKA cylinders.

It’s very unlikely that a GM vehicle would have “Motorcraft” on the oil filler cap. Also depending on the engine the oil capacity is either 6 quarts (V6) or 8 quarts (V8). If you have the V6, you likely overfilled it, which isn’t good either.

The only part of this that rings true is that if you had no oil in the engine and ran it, the engine chewed itself up inside…and you are now hearing that damage.

The other issue of checking the oil and it was fine and then it wasnt with a discrepancy of 7 quarts of engine oil in the balance is where everything goes off the rails. I cant begin to explain that scenario…unless you pulled the trans dipstick and thought it was the engine oil? I’m not sure which dipsticks your vehicle even has as some cars dont have either one these days. Refer to line 1 above…

If I turn the key one the oil light does show up but when I start it it doesn’t