Oil change gone bad? Help!

2000 Ford Taurus, about 720,000 miles. Just had the oil changed, and steering fluid topped off. They start the car and there is a noise that was not there before, when I pulled in. There lookin at eachother, avoiding eye contact with me, and say where going to put “internal engine noise” stamp on your receipt, Im thinking the oil just needs to work its way through the car, and I pay and leave. My car wont go over 45, while pushing down the gas it takes a while for the car to go, and there is the repetitive rumble noise in the engine, and the car is vibrating??? Dunt! Dunt! Dunt!..Ideas? “I need this car to last at least another year, and I have wrok and have two kids, the perfect recipie for disaster!”

Your mileage indicated you’ve gone around the world about 28 times, or driven about 72,000 miles a year.

Assuming you have only 72,000 miles on the car, I would suspect that somenone in the garage dropped something metallic in the oil filler opening and it’s rattling around in the valve gear. Internal noises just do not start by themselves!

The oil works its way through the car very quickly; and any startup noise should die down in a minute or so. Your garage most likely caused the rattling. Unless the car really has 720,000 miles on it, the engine is on its last legs, and you just switched to a very thin oil.

One thing that can happen while doing oil changes is forgetting to add oil back into the engine. In the process of looking everything else over the oil may have not been refilled, the engine started and, “shoot, I forgot to refill the oil”, refill oil and ship it. But if you have a Taurus with 720,000 miles on it congratulations, this feat has probably never before been achieved. Take the car back and have them tell you what they think is wrong with it. Then go get a second opinion from an unbiased uninformed mechanic.

The oil should have worked its way through the engine before you could get it out the door.

It is time to see your attorney. 

BTW next time don't go to a quick lube place.

“BTW next time don’t go to a quick lube place.”

Or it could be any inattentive shop. The next step after washing cars at a dealership is changing oil.

Check the oil first, then you need to get it to someone immediately to determine what the noise is. After that, it can be determined what caused it.

So where is the oil light in all of this?

If the noise was not there when you entered the facility you made a mistake by leaving there with the car. It’s not a fatal mistake (except to your engine maybe) but might make arguing the point a bit more difficult; especially if you left there with a receipt marked “internal engine noise”.

Overfilling the oil can also cause an engine noise/running problem so the first step is raise the hood and see where the oil level is at.

You need to start with step 1. CHECK YOUR ENGINE OIL LEVEL. Report back.

real millage 172,000, oil ok, no warning lights on, new assumption is transission? rpm’s go up but car doesnt, it goes into gear to late, and get out too early, not a rattlin sound but an rumbling, repetitive put put put sound, over and over. it drives but not smoothly…

I would start by checking the transmission fluid level. They may have drained inadvertently or a really bad coincidence. The car does have 172k miles which up there in a Taurus’s life.

trans. fluid level fine, there was no indication of this problem whatsoever before i got my oil changed, i was told i should have someone look at it for possible fuel pressure regulator/ or airflow sensor / or dislocated rubber vacuum hose, hopefully these are not such a high charge to check out! thanks for all the advice, lesson learned! should have just done it myself!

Check that the fluids in the engine, transmission and power steering are the ones that belong there. If you suspect they are not, the take your car to a mechanic you trust and have him verify. Jiffy lube where my daughter lives did a tranny oil change on my daughters Altima and put manual transmission oil in her automatic. Her tranny was toast and she went to a good mechanic and had them drain the fluid into two jugs,one for jiffy lube and one for her lawyer. Jiffy lube eventually put in a used transmission.