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2007 Audi A4 Oil problems

Alright, so here is the story. I recently purchased a 2007 Audi A4 with 20k miles on it from Audi Stevens Creek in San Jose. When I took the car into a local mechanic for an oil change (the nearest Audi dealer is over 100 miles from where I live) they informed me that the oil filter housing was cracked and they wouldn’t work on the car - it was a warranty issue (by the way, this would be the first oil change I have TRIED to have). I had the car towed to Audi Santa Barabara where, after 2 weeks of negotiating, Audi finally fixed the issue under warranty.

This is where I am now. After driving the car home I noticed the smell of burning oil (a new smell, the car has never smelled before). I looked under the car and saw drips of oil. I pop the hood and what do I see? Half the engine cover is missing, oil is spattered all over the interior of the engine, there is oil pooling up on top of the oil filler cap, and the best part is that upon checking the oil after the car has cooled, the oil is WAY past the max fill line.

My question is two parts:

1. What could cause this type of oil leak?

2. What type of damage could occur by driving the car (over 100 miles) with too much oil?

I am very disappointed in Audi’s service. I never take my vehicle to the dealership to get them serviced. Where I live, a small town, if this were to happen at one of the local mechanics, they would soon be out of business due to a poor reputation.

-Sorry had to rant a little

Anyway thanks,

I can't tell what actually happened from your comments.  How did you know it hat too much oil for example.

However the real answer to your questions means you need to call that dealer and tell them what happened and ask them how they are going to make it right. You get a loaner car while they figure it out and correct it.  BTW check your owner's manual and write down Audi's phone number.  It sounds like you are going to need it. 

Good Luck

I found it had too much oil when I checked the oil using the dip-stick. The oil level (when cold in the morning) was about a half inch above the MAX indicator. That is the only way I know of checking the oil. Is there another way? Also, I would assume, unless my car can somehow manufacture its own oil, that from the amount of oil dripping there should be less oil, not more showing on the dipstick. :wink:

I was told by the dealer to take the car to a local mechanic and have them check the oil level and location of the leak (if any). I work about 4 hours from the closest Audi dealer. I live 7 hours from here, so taking to the dealer that worked on the car is not going to be easy, especially because service is not open on the weekends (the only time I have to get the car back to them).