2007 Acura MDX - Lost power lots of codes

I was driving my 2007 Acura MDX, when it suddenly lost power, and multiple error messages, flashed on the screen, “charging system: P0562, Battery, Transmission Code: P0872, All Wheel Drive:77, Vehicle Stability Assist: 61-12 error’. I was a few blocks from home, and was able to drive the car home. Once I got home the battery died. I called AAA. They came and told me I had dead battery. They replaced the battery, and I thought my problem was resolved. The next day, when I drove the car, the engine was making a loud noise, and the car didn’t seem to have much power. I haven’t driven the car since. My mileage is 120,000 miles.

Sorry about your problem. you need to tell us what kind of a loud noise. if it is just a loud screeching sound, then it could just be a locked-up alternator. a bad alternator will cause your vehicles battery to die. and low voltage will cause the electronics to go crazy.

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The noise is not a loud screeching sound. It’s more of a loud hissing sound, that can be heard above the engine.

A failing alternator can make a humming or howling sound.

If my problem is the alternator, is it an expensive fix? Thanks

Replacement should be less than $1,000.

After the battery was replace did any codes remain?
What ever the cost, likely will be less than several payments on a replacement vehicle.

No I don’t see the codes now.

Well then it is time to locate the source of the hissing.
Could be a pulley, such as the belt tensioner. Or as Nevada_45 mentioned the alternator, if the bearings in the alternator are going bad, as far as I know, replacement of the alternator is the only solution.

Just checked under the hood. The loud whining sound seems to be coming from the belt. It’s very loud.

Remove the serpentine belt, test each pulley by hand.

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The noise is usually cause by a shorted rectifier bridge in the alternator, you won’t be able to replicate that by hand.

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I guess I concur but it really needs to go to the shop. I had two issues with my 08. There was a battery sensor that failed but gave me messages. The other was a belt noise after putting on a new belt. They ended up putting a timing belt kit to get rid of the noise. All under warranty though.

Take it to a good, independent mechanic and have the charging system tested.

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I’m making an appointment with an independent shop that I’ve dealt with before. Thank you all for your input.