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2006 Acura MDX wont start

I drive a 2006 Acura MDX with about 30000 miles on it. Today when I put the key in my ignition and attempted to start it I hear a clicking sound and the car wont start. The first time I attempted to turn on my headlights they did turn on. But then when I tried a few seconds later they would not. And I am seeing lights flickering on my dashboard as well. Do I have a dead battery or possibly something worse?

Hard to say via the internet. First thing I’d do if I had that problem is check the battery connections. If those are ok, then I’d get the battery load tested. If the battery is over 6 years old I’d probably just skip the load test and buy a replacement battery.

You have a junk Acura battery with 550 CCA just like the one I just replaced if it is still the original. Yep get a new battery, but it would also be a good idea to make sure the alternator is working. Don’t forget unless you use a memory saver which may already be too late, you’ll lose your radio code and have to re-enter it. Mine lasted 3 1/2 years and quit at the gas station.

I have had 12 late model Acuras and 2 Pilots. The original batteries are lame. One Pilot had an oil change at 34 mths and the battery died, because the door was open. Free replacement Honda battery was labeled “10 year”. I got two months warranty; the remainder of the 36 month coverage.
Have someone use a battery tender when doing the replacement. You have radio presets plus seat and mirror memories.

I live in Southwest Florida; a new Volvo took three new batteries in three years.

Dead battery.

Be aware that you will need to re-train your power windows if the battery drained completely, so don’t be surprised when they work oddly after you replace it. Your owners manual will tell you how to do it.