2007 Accord Vs. 2010 Focus

Timing chains and plastic guides also wear out.


It seems like you are being a bit too concerned about the timing belt to me. Routine maintenance might make it easier if you consider it that way.

Maybe… I think I have to take that into my guess. If I can make a decent bet that both cars will last 2-3 more years with similar repairs but the Honda off the bat needs 1500 more in maintenance that’s essentially my dilemma. And which one is more likely to survive the 2-3 years without major repairs. It’s a gamble in either direction. I want to make the better gamble.

I’m debating letting a garage do a ppi or pre trip on both and make the call for me. Seems like good 100$ insurance

All I saw was eventual timing belt.

That’s what I mean… Ford just needs tires. Honda is basically guaranteed to need timing belt if I’m keeping it longer than a year. Ford is cheaper to maintain. But more likely to crap out sooner.

Repair pal says “The average cost for a Honda Accord timing belt replacement is between $468 and $634.”

That’s interesting although probably doesn’t include water pump and the other stuff that gets done at the same time. I’m going to call my mechanic and see what I’m actually looking at. Maybe he can give me some options for a better decision.

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I guess the truck will be for you to drive . That means one of those cars will be driven by someone else most of the time . The only logical answer as which one to keep is the one the other person wants to drive .

That’s very presumptuous of you :slight_smile: . Nope truck is for the wife. She loves trucks. She drives way less so I typically drive whatever beater we own unless it’s snowy.

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I guess you know what ever car you pick there will be maintenance and repairs in your future. My magic 8 ball is not working, so don’t regret whatever choice you make.

Hahaha check that magic 8 ball… I could use it.

It is sounding like it’s about the same odds in either way. I’m leaning toward selling the focus first or basically seeing which one I can sell for the best deal and go from there

Keep the one you enjoy driving. We only get one ride on this merry go round we call life. It’s foolish to spend it worrying about a few bucks. Life is short, eat dessert first.

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Sure, but that usually only happens when people regularly run the oil low. My chain on my 09 Focus looked fine when I had the valve cover off to replace the gaskets when had approx 207-208k miles on it.

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