2009 Corolla or 2010 Focus?

Looking for opinions on which should I purchase?

1. Used 2009 Toyota Corolla S with 19,000 miles

2. New 2010 Ford Focus SE

The delivered price of the Focus is $100 less than the Corolla (which has a great price). With the tax rebate for a new car the difference is more like $500 less for the Focus. I have a 2002 Focus and love it. We’ve had a Corolla before and loved it too. The Corolla is a nicer car but paying less for a new car with all 36mos of warranty left seems great. This is a religious question so I’m just looking for opinions.

If it’s a religious issue, then why are you considering anything but the One True Car?

I’d buy the Focus. Toyotas are overpriced as used cars IMO (Hondas, too). Edmunds.com shows repairs estimates are about 15% higher over the first 5 years for the Ford, but maintenance is almost 75% higher for the Toyota. And the maintenance figures are solid, not estimates like the repair numbers are. The Corolla is a fine car, and has sold more than any other car ever made. If that matters more than buying a decent car that will save you tons of money over the first 5 years, then buy the Corolla. BTW, I own a Honda; purchased new. I’d never have bought it used since it would have cost too much.

It all to me depends upon the maintenance. If it has been good for the Corolla, that’s where my vote is. We’ve had three of them and the first two were let go with over 200K miles and still running like tops. A focus might have done the same but Ford had their chance with the Escort at the time. The last one just under 100k but life style change dictated it going. I believe the actual real life performance would be better according owner satisfaction ratings from CR. I don’t own stock in Toyota and like Fords, but Corollas have been good to me and are one of the most influential cars of all times and a perennial sales leader whose resale value will be much greater than the Focus. “You” think it’s nicer…what else matters ? You won’t regret paying a little more for a nicer car.

With the 2010 Focus, you are starting out with new tires, a fresh battery, new windshield wiper blades, new brake linings etc. The 2009 Corolla has 19,000 miles the tires and brakes, a battery that is a year old, and so on. Since you like the 2002 Focus you now own, I think I would go for the new Focus.

Do you really love that 2002 Focus if you’re looking to buy new ? An 02 Corolla is just broken in.

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I can’t see the 2 cars, colors etc. On paper I’d go for the new Focus. I don’t like some of the chrome thingies on the side of the Focus but they are just for decoration anyway.

If you really, really like the Corolla better, then you’d probably be happier with the Corolla. Me, I think the Corolla syling is just off the mark. But I don’t like the new Camry either, the 2000 Camry was nicer so what do I know.

“…the 2000 Camry was nicer so what do I know.”

You know what you like. What’s better than that?

And the one true car is?

$500 is a couple car payments, assuming you’re financing, take the money and get the Focus. If I was in the market for a small car, I’d take a good look at the Focus before I’d go for Toyota.


Sorry, the devil made me do it.

Paux Pas, Is that better ?

Although I am a Toyota owner, I would go for the Focus if that’s the choice. On the other hand, when I bought my Corolla, it was only $700 more than a comparable Focus, so why not buy a new Corolla? That’s the best of all worlds.

I’m puzzled as to why you make this a religious issue. My religion does not deal with material things, except for what I give to the poor.

The Toyota has probably more US content than the Focus. Toyota is now a much better corporate citizen than Chrysler, for instance. And union excesses have partly caused the current Detroit 3 problems.

Because we’re only talking money and not owner satisfaction or repair history…compare prices of 2001 Corolla with reference to OP’s 2002 Focus.
2001 Corolla 100K base model exc condition $5785 retail/$3810 PPS
2002 Focus 100k base model exc condition $4140 retail/$2265 PPS

Over $1000 value difference over initial cost difference for OP which IMO is a valid comparison.

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Your enthusiasm for the Corolla is a religious moment.

“And the one true car is?”

Around here, I figured it would be the Corolla - in the narrow framework of the original question.

That’s funny…I’m a little slow this morning, and always.

“e pluribus unum”

No acceptable. It’s a political statement; not religious. :wink:

I stayed with the latin bit but diverted from religious to monetary theme. A segway of sorts.