2006 Tundra 4.7 engine vibration

My 2006 Tundra with 45000 miles on it has an engine vibration in neutral between 1400 and 1750 RPMs. It does not feel or sound like a miss fire rather a definite vibration. I have heard this is common with Toyota 4.7 litre engines. Does anyone have expierence with this and what might be some things that could cause it? It has always done it and after 8 years hasn’t resulted in any engine failures…yet.

I was going to say that you probably had a U-Joint on the driveshaft that was about to fail, but that wouldn’t happen in neutral.

If it has done this for 8 years…a good starting point would be to take it in while it’s under warranty. It’s covered as part of the drivetrain.

Oooops, that’s right your warranty ended…maybe 6 years ago!!!

Why bother with it now!!! * years ago would have been more appropriate.


If it were a new symptom, I’d suggest a harmonic damper beginning to break down, but since it’s been that way since new the only thing I can suggest is to not rev it in neutral. {:slight_smile:

I have, however, provided a link to exploded view drawings of the engine that might be of interest to you.

It is a harmonics issue within the engine and there has never been any fix for it. It wont affect the life of the engine at all. This was a concern that would come up on occasion and Toyota never issued any type of fix for it.


Automatic or manual transmission? If a manual I wonder if there’s a possibility of a flywheel imbalance or maybe the clutch assembly wasn’t matched up correctly when the truck was first built.

Another possibility could be a MAF sensor issue. Wonder what would happen if the MAF was unplugged and the engine revved as a test method.

Many years ago I bought a brand new BMW motorcycle and it very quickly (within a few thousand miles) developed an inherent vibration right around 75 MPH; which just happened to be the speed I preferred on the interstate. It wasn’t bad; just enough to be an irritant and cause me to travel at slightly under 70 or near 80.
Several years later I discovered the vibration was common to all of that particular model which was a first year 1000 CC. Should have waited a couple of years instead of signing on as an expensively priced lab rat… :wink:

It sounds like Steve nailed it

The way he worded it, it’s crystal clear . . . to me, anyways . . . that he’s extremely familiar with the “problem”

The good news . . . there’s no problem

The bad news . . . since there’s no problem, there’s also no fix. Just live with it