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2006 Toyota Matrix (corolla) won't start at gas pump

My 2006 would not start today after I got gas. I drove the car for an hour with no problems. I then stopped to get gas it would not start. I knew the engine was still warm because i had just stopped after driving for an hour. yet the temp gauge read cold. After a while of trying to start the car with it only cranking, not turning over I waited. After waiting a while the temp gauge started to work again showing a warm engine. The engine was also warm to the touch. I tried to start the car once the temp Gauge worked again and the car turned over with no problems and little effort.

PLEASE if you can help me understand what’s wrong with this Toyota.

2 Wheel Drive ?
Are You The Original Owner ?
Has The ECM (Engine Control Module) Been Checked And Or Replaced ?

There could be many reasons why it won’t start, but this one should be a free fix if that’s it.

Some 2005 - 2008 2WD Corolla Matrix vheicles (with 1ZZ-FE engines) were manufactured with defective ECMs and are subject to a voluntary safety recall.

“There is a possibility that a crack may develop at certain solder points or on varistors on the circuit board. In most cases, if a crack occurs at certain points or on certain varistors, the engine warning lamp could be illuminated, harsh shifting could result, or the engine may not start. In limited instances, if cracking occurs on particular solder points or varistors, the engine could stop while the vehicle is being driven.”

I’d check it out with a dealer if you aren’t sure.


If it happens again, check to see if the heater fan and radio work with the key in the “on” position…The temp gauge not working might be pointing to a failed ignition switch…

It is a 2wd, i am the second owner, The car has 60k I bought it at 40k. I do not know if the ECM has been replaced. How do I tell if the ECM has been replaced?

Common Sense Answer: What website did you get the recall paragraph for. That is what happened, it was working fine, and i stopped for a moment and it just would not start. I gave it 15 min and it started.

CaddyMan: The heater fan and other aux. did work when the key was on the on position. No engine light came on at any time.

What should I do to test the ECM or could it be something else?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP. Any more answers would really really help. Thank you

Is the Temp. gauge related to the engine not starting?

The Information Is From A Toyota Bulletin. Toyota Dealers Have The Information.

Your car would have to be checked to see if it’s a candidate for the recall. Get your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and call your local Toyota dealer and the Service Department should be able to check. Possibly a Toyota Owners’ website could, too.

I believe that cars that had the ECM replaced have received a sticker with ECM information on the inside of the glove compartment door.


If the ECM thinks the engine is cold, but the engine is actually warm, the ECM would inject extra gasoline during cranking, which might flood the engine and causing it not to start on warm starts. The ECM determines the coolant temp with the coolant temp sensor. That may be failing. I don’t know if the temp sensor is the same for the ECM as for the guage though. It might be different, in which case this idea wouldn’t likely apply. But testing the coolant temp sensor is usually pretty easy for a mechanic to do.

I called the manufacture recall hotline and gave my vin number. They said that the ECM Had been replaced. Could it be bad again? Are there any other possible problems?

I am the second owner.

If it happens again, hold the gas pedal to the floor for 30 seconds, then try to start the car with the pedal down. That shuts off gas to the fuel injection system and clears the flooding condition.

Even in a car with throttle by wire? If I hold down the gas peddle in the on position for 30 sec!