Toyota Matrix recall

recently, my matrix would not start. I had to have it towed to a local repair shop, and when the looked at it they stated that there was no communication between the computer and the engine; the mechanic moved around some things and he got it to start. They asked about the ECM (which was a recall on my car, and I had it repaired approx. 3 weeks before this incident); they recommended that we take it back to Toyota and have them take care of it; I then had to have it towed 55 miles (total cost for tows and diagonstic = $450). Once it was at Toyota, they fond NOTHING wrong!! ECM was fine, no fuel pump problem, etc. So, Toyota is taking no responsiblity for this issue…I am out a lot of money, have no answers about the problem of not starting, and at this point am not very confident in Toyota!! HELP! Thoughts…

Toyota Matrix
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What probably happened was when the put the ECM back in…they probably didn’t tighten a wire and the mechanic you took it to with the moving things around got it working…then the Toyota dealer probably found the loose wire and tightened it up…but won’t claim that they did.

There’s really not much you can do…Complain to management…and see what happens…outside of that…Good Luck

“I had it repaired approx. 3 weeks before this incident”

Shoulda taken it straight back to the dealer.

There’s dozens of things that could cause a no-start condition and you seem to blindly assuming that the prior ECM thing has something to do with the no-start.
Maybe, maybe not.

This mechanic “moved some things around”. What did he move around?

Define no-start. Stone silence when the key is turned, engine turns over but will not start, start and die instantly, etc, etc. Those details make a huge difference in narrowing down the possibilities.