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2006 Toyota Matrix 60k brake noise when car is off and parked

Toyota Matrix brake noise when car is off and parked. I hear a noise when I push the brake pedal. It happens whenever I press the brake pedal. I hear it when the car is on, or even if the car is off. It is a squeaking noise that is coming from outside the car. When I open the door the noise is louder. I only hear the noise when I press the brake pedal.

Please help me figure out what the problem is. Thanks

Does this model have drum brakes or disc in the rear? Noisy brakes may require some service. At 60K miles, you may want to have it checked out. It could be a benign as a squeal clip rubbing on something, or the brakes trying to tell you something is going bad.

It does have drum brakes in the rear. It would make sense that the pads are low if it was squealing while i was braking, but it squeals when i am stopped and i step on the pedal.

At 7 years and 60k miles, a lot can happen. I suspect the shoes are worn and the adjusters are jammed, causing the shoes to move a lot to engage, and causing noise as they move. This condition is fairly common on drum brakes.

How does the parking brake feel? Does it pull up to full extension and barely hold? Does pulling the parking brake up a little improve the pedal travel of the brake pedal? Does it make a similar noise when the parking brake is engaged?