2006 Toyota Highlander - Oil low after oil change

I change oil in two day i check my oil level it was low why

I can’t tell if you changed your oil two days ago, or are going to change it in two days. If it was two days ago, did you check it right after it was changed? If not, you don’t know if it was properly filled. We can’t see if your car is leaking or smoking so how can someone on the internet tell you why it is low. The only thing I can tell you is to keep the oil full or you will blow your engine. Once you know how much oil your car is using in how many miles you can post back here to help determine if you have a problem.

Here’s the procedure I use . . .

Fill the crankcase until you’re at the full mark on the dipstick

Start the engine and let it idle for several minutes

Shut off the engine

After several minutes, check the dipstick again

Chances are, you’ll have to add a small amount to once again reach the full mark

If you’ve deviated from that procedure, chances are you never properly filled it to begin with

Now if you did it exactly as I suggested and the level is low after 2 days, the engine either burnt the oil or it leaked out

Any spots on your driveway?

If you’ve got jackstands, get under there and look for anything that looks to be wet with fresh oil

@db4690 Agree with you but I go one step further while the engine is idleing I check drain plug & filter for leak’s,

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I guess you’re even more cynical than I am . . .

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I started doing it that way many year’s ago after changing oil one time went to coffee shop a little over a mile away when I came back out I saw fresh oil puddle under my truck put enough oil in to get back home checked to see where oil came from found out part of the gasket from old filter didn’t come off with old filter,