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1998 Toyota Camry Oil Problems

Today I went in to get my oil changed but after driving for about 30 minutes I realized that my car wasn’t accelerating and that a lot of smoke was coming from the exhaust. I got to a parking lot and when I checked I saw that the oil was empty. Something wrong with my car or did I not get oil?

You did not get oil AND now there is something wrong with your car. You need a new engine.

Did you not notice a bright red light glowing on the dashboard when you drove away? Or later when the engine started running poorly?

Your oil change place owes you a new engine.

The next time you see that bright red light on the dash, stop immediately.

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Hard to tell , but I suspect you did not get oil or the filter was not installed correctly. Did you call the oil change place ? Did you put oil in it yourself and if so how much did it take to reach the full mark ?

If you drove it for that long, I believe you got oil but it leaked out at the drain plug or the filter. Did anyone look at those locations for leaks?

What type of shop did the oil change? Was it a quick-oil-change place, as most of us will be suspecting?

The other posters are correct that you probably have serious engine damage here.

3 things comes to mind.

1)The guy forgot to put oil in it( MY SUSPICION)
2) The oil filter was not tighten properly or the old gasket remained on the block prior to installing the new oil filter (double gasket)
3 The oil drain plug was loose

Is the car still at the parking lot? If so, see if you can leave it there and go talk to the shop that changed the oil. Let them know what happened, and see what they say. They should have insurance to cover errors like this. Don’t tell them where the car is until you are sure they will fix it at their expense, assuming it is something that they did wrong. You can check for the oil cap, oil filter, and drain plug. If you don’t know where they are, we can help you find them. Maybe you have a friend that can help you with the inspection.

I doubt that the engine would even run for 30 minutes, if no oil was put into it.

I think either it was double gasketed, or the drain plug was not tightened.

The oil change business owes you sa new engine.