2002 toyota highlander

for the second time now, upon returning from a long road trip of approx. 1000 miles, the oil light comes on…and, I learn that the oil is almost gone! first time, it went through the dye test, etc. looking for a leak…none found. just returned and again…oil light on and barely no oil. mechanic is stumped! why such oil consumption on a long trip?

How many miles on this Highlander?

Please tell us mileage, engine type, transmission type, and anything else you can think of.

How much oil did it take to refill the engine when this happened? One quart? Two quarts? More?

How many miles does it have on it? Do you normally burn any oil?
Do you check your oil level often?

Possibilities are:

  1. high crankcase pressures pushing oil past tired seals due to worn cylinders in combination with weak old rings allowing too much blowby…perhaps exascerbated by a stuck PCV valve.

  2. burning oil due to a worn out engine…perhaps worn even more due to your last foray with no oil.

By the way, did you check the oil level before leaving?

just over 89,000 miles. have done all recommended maintenance since purchase. oil change every 3-4000 miles. Do not normally burn any oil and have not noticed any leaks. did check the oil regularly for awhile and all seemed fine. then kind of forgot about it. did not check it before leaving (mistake), but will now check at each fill up. mechanic wants me to bring it in every 500 miles to check it.

Thanks. I appreciate your input.