2006 Toyota Corolla with water in gas

I recently filled my gas tank and drove home. In the morning my car wouldn’t start so I added octane boost in the hope that it would help. Since then my car will start for 5-10 seconds and then stop abruptly. If I wait 30 minutes or so it will start up again but only for a few seconds. I think I got water in my gas tank but I don’t know how to get it out without dropping the gas tank and having it drained. Does anyone have any thoughts since the car has a fuel tank mechanism which prevents siphoning of gas with a hose and pump?

You’re under warranty so don’t bother yourself with all this-just have it brought over to the dealer and let them sort it out. The octane booster won’t help anything, and I’m not so sure you have a water in the gas tank problem just yet.

I agree with Dave G. This is not likely a water in the gas problem.
Have you tried starting it with the accelerator pedal depressed a bit? Just wondering if you might have an Idle Air Valve problem.

You could call the station where you filled-up and ask if they are having any problems with water in their gas tank (has there been any other people inform the station about problems shortly after filling?)If it is water in the gas…no warranty.