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2006 Chrysler Town & Country - Flaky roof paint

roof top clear coat has rough spots. Appears to have flaked off?

Not uncommon. Not uncommon to see even younger cars nearly devoid of clear coat.

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14 year old car with flaking paint… Oh MY! :upside_down_face:

Completely normal, especially if you park outside and live in a sunny place.

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Expect clear coat failure after 8-10 years unless the car is garaged and/or you wash and apply real wax or equivalent regularly (there’s a lesson in here somewhere). Do I ever miss old style paints, no problems keeping those looking good for 20+ years with proper attention.

Paint the roof white like schoolbuses do. Makes interior cooler. Using some mobile home rubber roof coating. Nice.

So true, in 67 my HS buddy bought a 57 Chevy. The red paint was oxidized to the point where it would come off on your fingers. We spent about two hours on it using hand applied Kit brand cleaner wax. Got a nearly showroom shine.

That was a common experience back then, apparently paints were thicker and one could repeat this a number of times before over thinning the paint. Over using cleaner waxes eventually would wear through the color layer (my dad and later a neighbor learned this the hard way).

Yep, on a 52, the front fenders had worn through to the primer.