2006 Subaru Outback - CV $?

Hello. I have a 2006 Subaru Outback and the driver’s side inner cv has a tear in it and I believe the inner joint has been damaged. What can I expect to pay to replace just the driver’s side with a new cv axle? Thank you.

Go here, ask this site.

We don’t know where you live, labor rates vary… a LOT… from place to place.

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First thing I do is call around locally and get quotes

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Yes, I’m with tcmichnorth. There should be no issues getting a ballpark price on the problem. Here’s my guess $850 if you do both sides. Let us know what you end up paying. A bit of background on CVs here if interested.

If CV is damaged beyond the simple boot replacement, I would strongly recommend using only OEM CV for replacement.
I had a history of getting a bad vibration at idle when in D or R gear on 2007 Outback, positively attributed to overly “tight” aftermarket new CV.
Replacing with OEM cured it immediately.

A coworker had both sides (and the hub assemblies) replaced by the dealer and paid $1800, as I recall. If you could do the work yourself, aftermarket kits rebuilts $200 to 280, w/ 2 axles and 2 hub assemblies. It takes around 4 hours. Boots are extra work, but each boot is $20.

I’d suggest having them check all 8 joints. If an inner has gone, the other 7 are probably showing wear.