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Subaru CV Boots

My son was told he needed to replace the inner and outer left CV boots. I talked to another mechanic and he said not to replace just the boots and that the axle should also be replaced. Is this the same as the CV joint mentioned in an earlier discussion?

Is $250 a reasonable charge?

There’s nothing wrong with replacing boots only IF it is known the boots have just been damaged for a short time and IF the axle/CV joint/halfshaft (they’re the same thing) is comparatively low mileage.

With long term damage and/or high miles the axle should be replaced instead of rebooting it and the 250 is a reasonable charge.

Todays “mechanics” can’t be bothered cleaning, repacking and replacing worn or torn CV joint boots. Same way they can’t be bothered dropping transmission pans and changing the filter…So they just pull the shaft and replace it with a “rebuilt” unit. A fast, clean, high-profit operation…Nobody wants to get their hands dirty anymore…