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Cost to replace CV boot?

1991 Toyota Corolla with 82000 miles, I was working on oil change and I noticed oh no grease is all over front right side inside wheel and I checked CV boot. Yes it is a lille open cut so tell me how much is it approximately cost to have independent replace CV boot?



What a coincidence. I just tossed the tools needed to dismantle CV axles and install the boots. It’s been many years since they were used. The price of inner and outer boots(the inner boot must be destroyed to get the outer replaced) is likely over $75 and requires more than twice the labor to install than a replacement shaft that likely costs less than $120. It’s hard to believe that the outer joint on a late 80s Honda was over $300 and a rebuilt when available was over $250. Just get the axle replaced.

I agree. cheaper to replace axle than boot. Remanufactured axles usually are around 125.00- 250.00. Installed probably around 200- 300.