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2006 Sentra, type of bulbs for dash

2006 Sentra 1.8S Special Edition

Just noticed that the bulb of the speedometer dial is out (rest are OK). What type of bulb does it use? RockAuto shows the bulb and the housing. I wonder if I need both or I can just replace it with the bulb? Any idea what type of bulbs does it use? Looks like 168/194 type but 194 may be too big for the dash.

I am going to open the dash anyways so I was thinking if I should replace all the bulbs with LED types (including the warning lights, like gas/brake/battery etc). Any idea if they will be too bright or throw any code. Current lighting is VERY dim.
(I am not looking to make it bling but would definitely prefer a little brighter lights.)

Thanks in advance.

After taking the dash apart just replace the bad bulb with the same type and don’t run the risk of your vehicle not being compatible with LED.