2006 Scion XB Troubles

I’ve had my Scion xb since 22,000 miles. It’s now 127,000 miles and I am having the first big issue…or maybe. My husband thinks that it’s something simple and an easy fix like a relay. We drove it on the highway in the morning and intermittently throughout the day, parked it for 3 hours and then started driving again. Three lights came on VSC, Check Engine, Trac Off and then it started accelerating slower than usual up hills and idling extremely low. We stopped and checked the oil level - at the 1/2 way mark and not due for a change yet. Feels like it might stall - it hasn’t yet. It definitely climbs hills much slower than it has in the past but this is nerve-wrecking - especially when there are no mechanics working on the weekend. HELP!

You need to take it to a shop that can read factory codes. If the Check Engine light comes on the VSC and TRAC OFF lights will automatically come on. This is because these systems will not work as long as the Check Engine light is on.


What about the drive-ability part? What would be affecting that and the lights?

The system has probably gone into what is called a “limp mode” That is, the computer is preventing damage from occuring to the engine/brakes/drivetrain until you can get it looked at.


This is exactly MY problem! I have taken it to a mechanic, and to the dealer: both say the same thing. They hook it up to the computer, and the lights disappear. Sure enough, they stay off, maybe for a week or so. I recently replaced plugs and belts, no lights for 2 weeks: yup, they’re back on. They disappear if I disconnect the battery; but come on once again.
Dealer had NO advice for me either…

Judith - I did a ton of research about this and it seems like the coil pack on the spark plugs (scion’s have this instead of a distributor cap) were bad. I took it to AutoZone for a free diagnosis. It said I had a misfire in #2. The first thing I did was replace my spark plugs. (well my husband did) The car was still “chugging”. So after days of pouring over chatrooms about scions, I found someone with the same problem and bought a coil pack on ebay. Normally they cost $200 or so. I found them for $68 with shipping! Replaced them and all of my lights turned off after about 5 miles of driving with the new coil pack. Super easy to replace…just “plug and drive” really.

Good Luck!

Good you found out what the problem was (coil pack). I’d rather buy from a place like rockauto.com, they have the factory OE packs (Denso) for $61 each. I just worry about some of those ebay sellers…

Are you saying you got all 4 for $68, shipping included?