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Maintenance on my xB

Hello there folks!

I have a 2005 Scion xB with about 122,000 miles on it. I’d like to keep it until the doors fall off. I’ve done all of the regular required oil changes (every 3000 miles when I lived in Michigan and now every 5000 living in Florida) and did the regular routine maintenance at the dealership until I hit about 60,000 miles but it needs some basic maintenance now. I’m not at all mechanically inclined and have no clue what this stuff normally costs. The mechanic at the dealership suggests the following:

oil change $30
spark plug change $72
inspection (throttle body) $100
alignment $80
diagnostic check of sensors since a couple of lights are on $50 (will do for free since I’m getting the other work done)

My questions to you are:
A) Is this normal for the mileage as far as what needs to be done? Should I have something else done/checked as well? (I thought someone mentioned to me that I should get the serpentine belt changed as well.)
B) Is it a fair price?

Thank you all for helping out a humanities professor who knows more about books than cars.

First thing I’d do is get the factory maintenance guide out and see what you need to do.

Regarding your mechanics list:

oil change $30 sure
spark plug change $72 yes if they’re original or it’s time, make sure to use exact factory replacements
inspection (throttle body) $100 only if you’re having drivability issues. I’d put a bottle of Techron in the gas tank instead
alignment $80 worth checking if it hasn’t beed checked lately
diagnostic check of sensors since a couple of lights are on $50 (will do for free since I’m getting the other work done) Very important, you need to find out what’s causing the lights to be on

If it hasn’t been done I’d have the coolant replaced with Toyota coolant and the brake fluid replaced. And yes, if the serpentine belt is old, it’s worth replacing it.


Thank you for the input and the extra suggestions. Are the prices about right or would I be getting raped?

The only one I would question is the throttle body inspection. Is it possible that you have misunderstood that one. For that money, I would expect a throttle body cleaning and inspection or a bumper to bumper inspection that included the throttle body. Or it could be a throttle body inspection that includes a new air filter and MAF cleaning.

Thanks Keith. It could be that I misunderstood. I’ll ask the tech when I go over there. Thank you gentleman for your kind assistance.

@FilmProf it seems to me you should be do for a transmission filter and fluid service. Don’t let yourself get talked into a flush, and use only the genuine toyota fluid.

I agree with @db4690 100%… I am not big on frequent oil changes more then 5k miles but auto trans service every 60k is cheap insurance if you want to drive it till the doors fall off. I replace drive belt every 60 to 80 k regardless of what it looks like along with the differential fluid…lthat’s may be mute on your car if it is manual and shares it with the transmission. If the antifreeze has never been done, do it now.

You can avoid those whooping gazillion service high mileage all in one service charges by doing stuff piecemeal and asking them to inspect a few things along the way ( like battery, brake pads etc.). They are happy to do it for nothing as a need on your part is a profit on theirs.