2006 Saab Coolant Level Low

I keep getting a message that the “Coolant Level Is Low - Refill” but the level is not low - I checked it.

The message only comes on after the car has been sitting for a long time, overnight or in the afternoon after its been sitting all day while I am at work. Once I drive it, stop and then restart shortly after - it does not come on.

is it just the sensor, do I need to worry about this.


Your poor Saab is likely filled with DexCool coolant. When your engine is cool, open your radiator and if your coolant looks orange and gloppy, chunky maybe, that could be your problem. If this is the case, your system may very well be getting clogged up and or a sensor is sludged over. Again if this is the case, take your car to a shop and have it flushed with old fashioned green coolant or yellow do it all coolant.