Coolant Check Level - Dashboard

I drive a 2005 Mercedes CLK (I know, it’s old before someone tells me! Haha) and a few days ago “Coolant Check Level” popped up on the dashboard. So I topped it up with coolant only the message still hasn’t disappeared. Yesterday the message “add a litre of oil” popped up too so I added oil. Today the oil message hasn’t appeared but the coolant one is still there.

So my question is really, what do I do from here? Any advice fully appreciated!


~a car noob

The coolant level sensor in the coolant reservoir is probably bad.

Item 13.



also check the level again when the vehicle engine is cold. you may have a leak and it can be low again.

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Have the cooling system checked for leaks, visually verify the coolant level adjust if necessary, disregard the message, have the level sensor checked/replaced at your convenience.

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thankyou for the responses everyone! will take them all on board! :slight_smile:

It’s also possible the electrical connection to the sensor is corroded. Ask your shop to remove the cable connection there for a visual check. It’s possible just disconnecting & re-connecting could fix it too.

You think 2005 is an old car? … lol … my newest is early 90’s. :wink: